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Preventative Maintenance Plan Benefits

A facility’s HVAC system is one of the most important components of the building. In addition to providing cooling and heating solutions when needed, it also provides vital defenses against airborne pathogens, particulates and allergens. Thanks to its three major functions – ventilation, filtration, and dehumidification – K-12 schools and other commercial facilities can ensure …

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An Air Cleaning Alternative for the 21st Century

While effective indoor air filtration technologies have long been a necessity in healthcare, school, transportation and other settings, COVID-19 brought the need for clean and safe air to the forefront. However, the pandemic also revealed the limitations of traditional options, such as HEPA filters and ultraviolet light disinfection devices, to effectively remove pathogens from the …

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Guide to Smart & Efficient Waste Management After Remodeling

Remodeling facilities can result in a significant amount of waste, ranging from construction debris to discarded materials and fixtures. Proper waste management is crucial to minimize the environmental impact of remodeling projects and ensure that waste is handled efficiently and responsibly. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to smart and efficient waste …

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Neutralize the Condensate

If your property makes use of high-efficiency, condensing water heaters, boilers or furnaces, you should be treating discharge coming from this equipment with some sort of neutralization in order to neutralize the condensate. That’s the only way to protect your plumbing from the potentially harmful side effects of the condensation process. As the popularity of …

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