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Dealing with a Game-Changer

The Portland streetcar system is roughly twenty years old, relatively new by public transportations standards in the United States. It was built when planners and government officials had a solid idea of what to expect regarding the city’s climate. Typically, temperatures in Portland can drop into the 40’s (F) in the winter and go up …

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Restoring Dormant Facilities

As we are slowly approaching the reopening of our economy and the reopening of buildings that have been dormant for a while, we are now starting the painful tasks of getting facilities operational and safe for employees and preparing for more aggressive inspections. Not only do you have to catch up on routine maintenance tasks, …

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Smart Moisture Measurement Technology Continually Optimizes Quality

In a world full of “smart” devices (i.e., smartphones, smart watches, and smart appliances), such technology is increasingly entering manufacturing and processing in forms like condition monitoring, advanced robotics, and Industrial IoT. On the production floor, “smart” equates with the ability to continually monitor conditions such as product and input moisture content in real-time to …

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