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Announcement of Global FM Awards of Excellence 2020

It is with great excitement that we announce the Global FM (Facilities Management) Awards of Excellence 2020.  

It is pleasing to see the number and quality of nominees continuing to grow each year, with 2020 producing a number of outstanding and worthy nominees from across the globe.  

After a substantial deliberation by our judging panel, the successful winners for 2020 are:  


Platinum Award of Excellence in FM 2020  


Project Name: Environmental Sustainability 

Nominated by GFM Member: IFMA


Gold Award of Excellence in FM 2020  

GSH India and Kaleesuwari  

Project Name: Fuel Switch: Moving from Coal to Turmeric and Chilli   

Nominated by GFM Member: IWFM 


Silver Award of Excellence in FM 2020  


Project Name: FARZ – Automated Material Recycling Facility 

Nominated by GFM Member: MEFMA 


Highly Commended Award of Excellence in FM 2020    

Blue IoT  

Project Name: World First Innovation – Encompass Blue platform   

Nominated by GFM Member: FMA 


On behalf of the Board of Global FM, we acknowledge and celebrate the successful Global FM Award recipients.

Global FM would like to thank all nominees for the time and effort in their respective applications. The quality and demonstration of benefits and output is testament to how the delivery of FM services continues to positively impact many sectors around the world.  

The successful award recipients will be profiled on the Global FM website over the coming months so we can all celebrate and share in the valuable examples of best practice and aim to adopt and adapt their lessons in our FM practice.  


Duncan Waddell 

Chairman, Global FM

Awards of Excellence

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